IMG_5840_2Lightness and Love Cards were created from following my bliss. (Yes, I realize that sounds like a cliche, but its true!) In posting a “Gratitude in Daily Life Photo Project” to Facebook I accidentally created beautiful photos. The short verses reflect my experience as a life coach and writer. Since I am personally committed to supporting people to live as fully as possible, these Lightness and Love Cards are a natural way for me to serve. I write the short verses from my heart and the photos come from moments of gratitude. The result is a piece of art and wisdom that touches the soul – and all in the form of a greeting card!

You can check out the full line and purchase cards here:




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“Thrive and Create a Conscious Heart Centered Business” Breakthrough Session

A Complimentary Consultation for Moving Forward

People rave about my sessions, they are so powerful!  In just 1 session, you can expect to experience breakthroughs to exciting new possibilities and learn some of my best kept secrets to transforming procrastination into motivation. Discover how you can put an end to the barriers to success and move passionately toward your dreams.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this session

  • Create a sense of clarity about how to move past barriers to success

  • Find the essential building blocks for creating a whole new and exciting YOU as the leader of your heart centered business

  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from moving forward

  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the joyous new life and business you desire

  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the life and business you truly want


While supplies last!

Gerri Ratigan,, gerricoach at gmail dot com, 518 469 0390

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Contact me for my FREE ebook:

Despair to Freedom the Gift of Divorce

gerricoach at gmail dot com

As a trained singer, people often compliment me

People stand up with lighters, kiss me, shake my hand and buy me drinks

I was carried by the crowd once after getting a standing ovation. (What a trip that was!)


I’m not saying this to brag. I’m telling you this because I wasn’t always a great singer. I had to work at it.

People often approach me after I sing too…….

They tell me how impressed they were

……then they tell me they can never sing.

They say “You can sing, but I can’t” (at this point they usually look pretty defeated, so they take another sip of their drink)

Let me translate that for you………

What they’re really saying is……….

“I’m afraid to try. I don’t want to be hurt again like when I was little and was told I couldn’t sing.” But the real truth is that they’re thinking……….

“I wish I could do that”

Whenever I dig a little deeper with these people, a full 100% of them tell me that when they were a child someone told them they couldn’t sing.

Can you relate to that?

What’s really happening here is a music teacher or some other person you looked up to, put you in a box and you believed you could never get out of it

So the question is……..

Would you like to get out of that box?

Would you like to change your belief about your ability to sing?

And not only would you like to change your belief about it, would you like to sing one song so well that you own it????

(And, just in case you were about to tell me that you’re special, you’re tone deaf, or whatever, its just not true. Yes music teachers put certain children in the gifted classes, but I’m here to tell you that I think that’s a horrible thing to do to children. The only difference between those children is that some had more exposure to music or some just had a better sense of how to practice what they heard better. That is the ONLY difference. Anyone can sing.)

So let me say this again: YES YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I can teach you to sing one karaoke song better than you ever thought possible and that will leave the door open for many others.

Call me, Gerri at 518 469 0390 or email me at gerricoach at gmail dot com

I’ll tell you all about it.

You can decide

If you are willing to put in the work, you can do this.

I can help.

And imagine this future:

You go out with your friends, get up in front of the crowd and sing THAT perfect song, pitch perfect, with feeling. You get noticed. You feel great.


Believe me, you’ll love it!


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Do you want to see your message get great results?


But how do you get those great results??


great writing is one essential ingredient

But there’s are a few other secrets that are essential

And they all come from within you

Here they are:

  • Passion
  • A Clear Message
  • An Irresistible Offer

These three ingredients – Passion, a Clear Message and an Irresistible Offer – have to ooze from the writing for it to truly engage.

Let’s face it, people don’t want phony hype.  They are much more savvy these day. They can read between the lines.

Your material needs to be on fire.  It has to radiate your passion.

That, my friend, is what sells.

THAT special something is what gets people to take action.

You want people to pick up the phone and send in their orders. Right??

This is about that special something that gets people to act and keeps them coming back again and again.  It’s what gets stuck in their heads.  They tell people.  They make the extra effort to get what you have to offer.  They are drawn to your message and to you.

That’s why coaching along with writing works so well.  It draws out the passion, clear message and irresistible offer and presents that fired up passionate message to the world. That’s what makes it pop out in bright color like landing in Oz after being stuck in advertising Kansas.

By now you should be convinced that this is important

So let’s talk numbers – shall we?

Did you know that good copywriters can get

………………..$150 an hour or more?

And did you also know that top coaches can get

……………..$200 an hour or even more?

I know many of you can’t pay that and the thought of it might make you want to give up in business altogether

But don’t

You are in the right place at the right time because

………..I am offering an incredible deal

…………………. at a small fraction of that price.

You’ll get excellent coaching and excellent copywriting at an excellent price.

(Remember the *one* *two* punch of copywriting and coaching is what will give your material POWER.)

After all, we want your material to convey your voice, your most exciting offer AND GET YOU THE RESULTS YOU WANT!

Now you might be shocked at the great deal I’m offering until August 10, 2013!

You’ll get 4 hours of coaching, collaboration and writing along with my Clarification Index© as a free bonus – this will help you get crystal clear and ready to work with me BEFORE we even get started.

(Yes, that’s right, you can take advantage of the Clarification Index© as an added free gift.  Its a great bonus item that will be a guiding light for you for years to come.)

This package could easily cost you upwards of $800, but, as I said, this is a shocking deal:

You’ll get all this for only $140

Yes, that is right.  Its $140

This is an excellent price only available until August 10, 2013

I am so passionate about writing and helping you to build the right foundation that I had to do this

Feel that energetic whirl of success??

Its your success knocking!

Still not sure?  Here are some examples:

David Louis has done website, blog writing and branding work in collaboration with me on his business: Upstate Divorce Mediation.  We continue to work together to fine tune the image that best reflects David’s personality and passion for helping people.”  


Check out my client, Kathy Johnson. She shot this video using the copy I wrote for her website.  And she used it as her script (word for word) for her new video

Pyramid of Potential example of copywriting

Think of it!

……copywriting with coaching will blow your business into the next level of growth

Want more details?

Here’s what to expect with this introductory package:

First, I send you the Clarification Index©, which you can do on your own time or you can save it for our consultation time.  Then we spend time on the phone to really understand the purpose and passion for your work.

Next, we work together to convey it through writing that sells. Some people like to provide me with a draft and I take it from there.  Some like to have me do all or most of the writing.  It’s all up to you.  You get the final say.

Still not sure?  You can call me for a free quick conversation at:

518 469 0390 or email gerricoach at gmail dot com

I defy you to find a deal like this anywhere

But right now you…….  well you heard it here

This is a great offer and only available until Saturday, August 10, 2013.

You might ask me:  Why am I doing this??

Well, first, I love to help people.  And second, my writing and coaching skills have been calling out to me in the past year.  I took a break and now I’m back.  Its simple.

So here I am.

And keep in mind:  I really can’t say what the limit is on this.   When I’ve reached my limit I’ll just stop making this offer.  But for now, until Saturday, August 10, its the deal of the century.

Call me directly at 518 469 0390.


You can’t afford NOT to do this!


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“Thank you Gerri for helping me! When I started working with Gerri, I knew I wanted to take my business to the next level. I was an educational consultant working with children one-on-one locally, but wanted to bring my unique experience and knowledge to help the nation’s children succeed. Although I had tried several times in the past, I was unable to overcome a level of fear. Also, at the time, there was discord in my marriage, and I was not sure what to do.
Today, I am happily married to the same person, and looking forward to exciting personal changes. In my business, I have exploded nationally – giving professional development workshops around the country, and bringing a DVD/workbook series to market through an increasing presence on the internet.
Gerri’s coaching helped me bust out of the fear that was holding me back, so that my true nature could shine through, bringing success and happiness in multiple forms into my life and those around me. I truly apprciate it.”                                       Kathy Johnson,
“This is a note to let you know that I appreciate you!  You’ve always been willing to help me grow at the soul level and more…  Thank you for sharing with me different techniques for working on “my stuff” and for sharing your experiences as well.  I feel you’ve given me several tools for remembering to love myself and how to express love for myself – connecting with that little girl.Plus you are open, honest, and vulnerable – all real!  And thank you for referring (name withheld) – we had fun, she looked great, she seems pleased and we are meeting again for her follow up!   Keep growing!!Love,Lynn Neal”      
Rock Solid Confidence is not arrogance or self absorption. Rock Solid Confidence is knowing that you, as an individual, are an essential part of the Universe, while marveling in the beauty of everyone and everything around you. It’s humble and profound.  


The Affair

I’m having a torrid affair!

I’m in love!

And what an amazing human being this person is!

How could I not have recognized how wonderful she is??
She has always been right in front of my nose too!

I’m amazing!

I’m beautiful, full of life, brilliant, fun and funny,
loving, thoughtful, sweet.

I always give myself just the right amount of space.
And looking into my eyes is simply a joy. Oh, and I’m so affectionate!

Wow! I’m so proud to be with me
it just sends shivers up my spine to think about it.

The conversations are great.
The comfortable silence is awesome.
I can sit with myself for hours and never tire of me.

And, wouldn’t you know it………………………

I like the same stuff as I like!

Its such a treat to discover new things to make myself happy.
Its a sensuous experience to open myself to new joys.

I’m always surprising myself with new things: flowers, special treats,
scarves, walks, special caresses.
And I always know what makes me happy.

Its so wonderful to know that I can rekindle this most special of relationships at any time.

I needed me and I must apologize to me for forgetting me
and somehow thinking that my happiness
was dependent on a man! (I fall into that trap on occasion!)


(no offense men, I’m just having a blast discovering me!)

I can only make me happy and love starts with me!

I’ll always be there for me.

I love you me!


The above message is a tune up – we all need them.  I recommend you check in with yourself on this.  Does self-love feel uncomfortable to you?  Does the thought of flowers for yourself make you cringe?  Does being complete alone feel wrong to you?  Do you feel resentment toward me for saying this?  These are the places you may want to shine your own love light to yourself.

This is the only vibration from which to manifest.

Love you!!




Talk Dirty to Me!!!”


Ever hear of the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee? Its the wildly common mental default process of putting yourself down……….. GR

What are the dirty words you hear in the quiet moments?


Are they………..


 “you’re SOOO naughty!!!”

  (as in doing something fun and stepping outside convention)


or are they………


 “you’re no good”

  (as in you don’t deserve this, you don’t belong, you’re not worthy)????????


This morning I heard the second kind of dirty word. It was a quiet and barely noticeable voice but

…………… said, “You’re a loser”.  


And I feel very fortunate – its taken some practice to get the point where its just a quiet barely noticeable voice.   


Most of us hear these negative mind stories all the time.

“You can’t do this, you’re no good at that, they did awful things to you…….” they hear it over and over……


Many will hear these stories loudly and in crippling ways for the rest of our lives.


It is normal (YIKES)

  ………………but it is also fixable. (So get off that track as quickly as you can!)  



Anyway, it was quite a surprise when I heard it myself as I THOUGHT I was handling my mental chatter pretty well.


Hey! I help others with theirs all the time. But here it was again!


Yet I was reminded of how insidious this itty bitty shitty committee can be.


Here’s what “the committee” does – it wants you to think you are not worthy. (And paradoxically it likes you to think you’re better than others too). It holds on for dear life too – becoming more clever as you let it go.


However, you can quiet it just by noticing.


Use this simple technique I share with clients: Just say, “Thank you for sharing, but

……………..I’m going to pass on that perspective”.


Just notice. It’s no big deal. It happens. Your awareness is all it takes.


No judgment, just notice.   



Here’s something else: You ARE amazing in all your mistakes and foibles, imperfect mind, body, perspective and all of it and that it great!


Open your heart to that one.


Hey, I’m a loser and I’m a winner and I’ll take the winner! Get it???




So when dirty talk comes your way, ask yourself………


Is this fun? Does it feel good?


If not, say


“Thank you for sharing”


and let it go.


Self Esteem and Success????


“Self Esteem” tends be a flowery and  

…………..embarrassing topic


We think its “fine”, but its crucial value gets  

swept under the rug in our society


Yet, you may have heard that most  

communication is non verbal  


……… fact experts say 93% of  

communication IS non verbal!




Haven’t you FELT things about other people??


For example: when someone is needy it  

…………..can be a turn off


How about when someone is really  



It can be a very powerful attractor


There’s energy underneath everything


And when you feel positive, passionate and  

               great about yourself

…………………… people feel that energy and  


         are drawn to it  

……………………..and what you have to offer


Feel good on the inside

…………………….write, speak, and  

                               live from that good feeling


Feel good about yourself and your life 


                        It’s irresistible to people


Make it the fuel for everything you do:   


writing, speaking, communicating with others


As John Lennon said:  


“One thing you can’t hide, is when  

                            you’re crippled inside.”   

Gerri Ratigan


518 469 0390

gerricoach at gmail dot com



After 50, it’s so easy to feel life has passed you by…..

but that doesn’t have to be true.

After all, we have a society that worships youth and sees youth as beauty. There’s often discrimination and even a tendency to push older people aside. Sadly, some  give in to this and write off their own worth. But let me tell you something important here:  Its baloney!  As evolved, wise people we must remember that our society is often wrong. We must be radical about our value as human beings.

Of course, young folks have technology down, but what about communication, negotiation, leadership, the subtleties of interpersonal behavior, the peace that comes from learning to let go of resentments? These skills are not inherent, but are learned through experience.  Yet due to arrogance and the greed of corporations, inexperienced young people are put in positions they cannot handle causing grave mistakes and even fatal errors. We all suffer without the wisdom and integration of life experience. So in this environment that can have a tendency to cast us aside, we must stand together in support of our worth – not just for ourselves, but for the sake of the world.  


While you may need a tweak or even a gentle shove to embrace creating a more rewarding life, the truth is that it’s never too late.

The Legacy/Reinvention Session is all about your new life – even if it just means reinvention from within!

Legacy/Reinvention One-on-One Pilot Session

one time introductory rate $25

People rave about this session, it’s so powerful!  In this 1 session, you can expect to experience breakthroughs to exciting new possibilities and learn some of my best kept secrets to transforming limitations into reality. Discover how you can begin reinventing yourself at any age, clarify your legacy and move passionately toward your dreams.  It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Here’s what you’ll gain from this session

  • Create a sense of clarity about how to move past age limitations

  • Find the essential building blocks for creating a whole new and exciting YOU

  • Find the essential building blocks for creating a whole new and exciting YOU

  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from moving forward

  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the joyous new life you desire

  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the life you truly want


Some of the results my clients have enjoyed:

  • doubled income

  • weight loss

  • feel much better on the inside

  • new relationships

  • saved marriage

  • a huge raise

  • business went from just an idea to national presence

  • estranged teenage son came back into life

  • life is easier, more successful, happier

  • cleared energetic, emotional wounds

  • manifested a new car

  • expanded business, profit and time off


So how do you take advantage of this great deal??  Call Gerri at 518 469 0390 or  We’ll schedule your introductory session.  It’s on the phone.  It’s easy.  It’ll rock your world – in a very good way!














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