Your Inner Artist Reverses Aging

In my upcoming class on Legacy/Reinvention for the Second Half of Life I’ll cover the following areas:

  • Everything is energy and how to manipulate energy in your life to create the results you want
  • Finding clarity that aligns with you on every level
  • How to stop burying the past and start transcending it
  • Law of Attraction (the down low and dirty truth)
  • Why self esteem is the hottest, sexist thing to have and how to build it
  • Discover your inner artist
  • Building the right support team to keep it going

Look for blogs focusing on each of these individual areas.

For this blog we’ll look more closely at How Your Inner Artist Reverses Aging

So what does art have to do with Reinventing Yourself?

Years ago I heard author Don Miquel Ruiz say “We are all artists, we create our lives.”  That statement has stayed with me. What it means to me is that we’ve all been creating art, all along.

We channel energy to ourselves with art. Energy is life and there’s nothing more important than feeling alive. New forms of art give us the chance to experiment with life energy and recharge.  And art energy is quite an elixir.

How often have you been reluctant about going out with friends but then felt renewed because you did?  How about the times you tried something new and invigorating? And isn’t it great how that renewed energy crosses over into all of life! That’s art energy moving through you.  Art stretches and expands who you are for all of life.

My personal favorites are singing, writing and dancing, but yours could be anything: drawing, painting, photography, playing, writing, instruments, creating, even new projects, teaching and sports.


Art gives an energetic charge, lights you up, lifts you, builds new neural pathways and reverses the clock. Fun, creation, art, it makes life worth living.

There’s lots of ways to include more art too. Join an art class, join community theater, go to karaoke, join a chorus, dance communities abound, play an instrument or sports in the spirit of play.

And don’t forget to anchor your art by getting out with other people in a community.  The combination of art and community is powerful medicine for age reversal. 

When I sing, I feel energy coming through my feet, moving up through my body, filling my lungs, opening my heart and moving out through my throat and mouth. The energy leaves my body and reached out to the listeners. Sometimes they are not open, not listening, or there’s distractions and so the energy dissolves. That’s fine. I simply recycle it.

But other times people really hear me, they receive my music and send positive energy back to me. When singing harmony I feel the energy of my notes lifting the other persons’ notes up higher and out beyond our bodies into the surrounding space.  The notes cut through stagnant energy raising the vibration of the whole area. It’s not about the compliments though. They’re nice and appreciated.

What it’s really about is the magnification of energy that happens when people appreciate, add to and share in my energy. My energy raises their energy. Their energy raises mine. We are all uplifted much more than just the sum of each individual.

My story is just one of many art stories. You get to create your own.

What the world needs now is for you to get your  hands dirty, crawl through the mud, try new things, lighten up. It’s how we humans come alive.  It’s what your Soul screams for. It’s really love in action.

And frankly, if you’re not listening to your Soul, you’re getting old baby.

So let’s reverse that and get out and play!



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Gerri Ratigan is a life coach, writer, photographer, organizer and singer - all as a professional and amateur in varying degrees. She can be reached at gerricoach at gmail dot com. Or 518 469 0390. Here's a rundown for those seeking a bio: worked in direct practice in human services, and held positions as a manager, supervisor, Acting Clinical and Executive Director. She lead programs on Divorce Recovery, the Law of Attraction, fulfillment, life purpose, success, self-esteem, stress reduction, karaoke empowerment, the mind-body connection, spiritual alignment and creativity, among others. She is past President of the Albany International Coaching Federation, founder and leader of the Women’s Success Network, the Manifestation Project and has been involved in many business organizations. Gerri wrote a blog for, traditional articles for Healing Springs Journal, has been featured in the Business Review, The Schenectady Gazette, Troy Record, WGY, Times Union, Channel 6 and Channel 13 news. Credentials: BA Psychology, Coach University Graduate, Business of Coaching Graduate, Life Partner Quest and Coach Training Institute trained, Core Dynamics Coach Training, member Coachville, founder of Women’s Success Network, owner of the Manifestation Project, past President of Albany Chapter of the International Coach Federation, has attended a multitude of other personal development trainings and currently teaches karaoke empowerment and hosts the Capital District Single Professionals 50+ group.