Universal Forces for Vibrant Vitality

About 10 years ago I met a sweet man about my age. We were in our late 40’s at the time.  But something was off.

He was overly hung up on his physical decline!  He was limping, shuffling, he was “old”, he had back problems, stomach problems, all of which he attributed to age and he assumed it was just going to get worse.  He had no clue we can choose our thoughts. He just followed some crazy unwritten rules he thought were part of the life cycle of humans.

Unfortunately, I’ve met many many others just like him.

So my message to you is this: DON’T DO THAT!  

                                                                        YOU CAN CHOOSE ANOTHER WAY!!  

………..You can be old if you like, but why do that if you can choose otherwise?

Now think about it in terms of the Law of Attraction which states that “What you focus on becomes reality.” 

We are bombarded with messages about our eventual decline, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that you have a choice to be proactive in shifting away from those messages and sending your body positive messages.  And your body will absolutely obey!

So you may ask: How can I focus my mind on strength, vitality and health???

Here’s some starter thoughts: “It’s so great my fingers work so well as I type this.”  “I can easily fill my lungs with fresh air!” “I can feel my life vitality.”  As you deliberately focus on positive thoughts, continue to work at increasing the positive energy.

Get the idea???  (And, of course, eat well, exercise and all the things that help you feel great. Healthy activities make it easier to keep those positive messages going.)

My two big tips for Vibrant Vitality:

  1. Do NOT listen to negative messages.

2. Stay centered in gratitude.

By the way: WOW! You look amazing!!!


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Gerri Ratigan is a life coach, writer, photographer, organizer and singer - all as a professional and amateur in varying degrees. She can be reached at gerricoach at gmail dot com. Or 518 469 0390. Here's a rundown for those seeking a bio: worked in direct practice in human services, and held positions as a manager, supervisor, Acting Clinical and Executive Director. She lead programs on Divorce Recovery, the Law of Attraction, fulfillment, life purpose, success, self-esteem, stress reduction, karaoke empowerment, the mind-body connection, spiritual alignment and creativity, among others. She is past President of the Albany International Coaching Federation, founder and leader of the Women’s Success Network, the Manifestation Project and has been involved in many business organizations. Gerri wrote a blog for Albany.com, traditional articles for Healing Springs Journal, has been featured in the Business Review, The Schenectady Gazette, Troy Record, WGY, Times Union, Channel 6 and Channel 13 news. Credentials: BA Psychology, Coach University Graduate, Business of Coaching Graduate, Life Partner Quest and Coach Training Institute trained, Core Dynamics Coach Training, member Coachville, founder of Women’s Success Network, owner of the Manifestation Project, past President of Albany Chapter of the International Coach Federation, has attended a multitude of other personal development trainings and currently teaches karaoke empowerment and hosts the Capital District Single Professionals 50+ group.