Here are just a few of the results my clients have experienced:
  • doubled income

  • weight loss

  • feel much better on the inside

  • new relationships

  • saved marriage

  • a huge raise

  • business went from just an idea to national presence

  • estranged teenage son came back into life

  • life is easier, more successful, happier

  • cleared energetic, emotional wounds

  • manifested a new car

  • expanded business, profit and time off

“Thank you Gerri for helping me! When I started working with Gerri, I knew I wanted to take my business to the next level. I was an educational consultant working with children one-on-one locally, but wanted to bring my unique experience and knowledge to help the nation’s children succeed. Although I had tried several times in the past, I was unable to overcome a level of fear. Also, at the time, there was discord in my marriage, and I was not sure what to do.
Today, I am happily married to the same person, and looking forward to exciting personal changes. In my business, I have exploded nationally – giving professional development workshops around the country, and bringing a DVD/workbook series to market through an increasing presence on the internet.
Gerri’s coaching helped me bust out of the fear that was holding me back, so that my true nature could shine through, bringing success and happiness in multiple forms into my life and those around me. I truly apprciate it.”                                       Kathy Johnson,
“This is a note to let you know that I appreciate you!  You’ve always been willing to help me grow at the soul level and more…  Thank you for sharing with me different techniques for working on “my stuff” and for sharing your experiences as well.  I feel you’ve given me several tools for remembering to love myself and how to express love for myself – connecting with that little girl.Plus you are open, honest, and vulnerable – all real!  And thank you for referring (name withheld) – we had fun, she looked great, she seems pleased and we are meeting again for her follow up!   Keep growing!!Love,Lynn Neal”      
“My family called me for a special meeting.  I thought I was in some kind of trouble because they’d been concerned about me in the past.  But they told me that ‘whatever you’re doing with that coach, keep doing it. We can see it’s working.” Heather