Announcing Next Karaoke Empowerment Class…………………


Unleash Your Inner Superstar

Karaoke Empowerment

Karaoke is exploding

……………………….and there’s good reason for it

Believe it or not EVERY human being has a deep desire to sing  

Yet many people hold themselves back

What a terrible shame, because singing is one of the fundamental human desires

Deep down, I believe we all want to sing.

In our younger days we dreamed of singing on stage to adoring fans.  As adults, we love to listen, hum or even sing to inspiring music – in the car, the shower and while doing chores.  Perhaps we join in song in a group setting.  

But wouldn’t it be great to pull off a great rendition of (fill in your favorite fantasy song here)    

in front of an appreciative crowd?  Wouldn’t that be amazing????


I know……… you’ll say you can’t, but the truth is – you CAN.  


And regardless of what you’ve been led to believe – everyone, yes EVERYONE, can learn to sing.  


And just to overemphasize this a bit: Nope – sorry, you are not special.  You CAN SING.  Yes, I’m talking about you!


In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn how.  


Warning – you’ll get a lot more than karaoke skills here. At this workshop you’ll get inspiration for recreating your life as well.  And we will do some inner child healing work as well.  


Need some reassurance?  No one will be forced to sing in front of the group BUT you will be given lots of chances.


Upon registration you’ll get my easy preparation method, which when followed, will teach you to “own” a song.


The guarantee:  You’ll get a method that works and an afternoon of fun.  PLUS, you’ll get material on confidence that can be transferred to all areas of your life.  


$25 paid in advance before April 14 or until sold out (only 20 spots available)

$35 at the door

There is a limit of 20 attendees…..


Note:  The earlier you register the more time you’ll have to play with the method.  


April 21st, 2018, Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m.


Unity Church, 21 King Avenue, Albany, NY  12203


Note:  in order to work my method for singing, you must have personal access to the internet with speakers and privacy in order to practice before and after the session – while practicing beforehand is not required, it is highly encouraged…..


Questions:  Call Gerri, 518 469 0390 or to register

Karaoke Home Parties!!!  

Have a ball with friends while getting help from a seasoned singer and coach.  

Everyone, yes EVERYONE, can learn to sing  and have great FUN!  

Unleash Your Inner Superstar                          004      

                               I bring it all to you



That’s right, only $300 for a singing system in your home along with me – the singing life coach – who’s only job is to help you and your guests have a great time and do your best singing ever – fun, no pressure, just fun

Call Gerri 518 469 0390 or – 3 hours of pure fun at your home   (NOTE this is a program for a small group)

This has been a message from Gerri Ratigan, the Karaoke Empowerment Coach

This is only for the Capital District of NYS area.  There are limited times available.

And here’s more about my thoughts on singing in general and about private karaoke lessons………


As a trained singer, people often compliment me

People stand up with lighters, kiss me, shake my hand and buy me drinks

I was carried by the crowd once after getting a standing ovation. (What a trip that was!)


I’m not saying this to brag. I’m telling you this because I wasn’t always a great singer. I had to work at it.

People often approach me after I sing too…….

They tell me how impressed they were

……then they tell me they can never sing.

They say “You can sing, but I can’t” (at this point they usually look pretty defeated, so they take another sip of their drink)

Let me translate that for you………

What they’re really saying is……….

“I’m afraid to try. I don’t want to be hurt again like when I was little and was told I couldn’t sing.” But the real truth is that they’re thinking……….

“I wish I could do that”

Whenever I dig a little deeper with these people, a full 100% of them tell me that when they were a child someone told them they couldn’t sing.

Can you relate to that?

What’s really happening here is a music teacher or some other person you looked up to, put you in a box and you believed you could never get out of it

So the question is……..

Would you like to get out of that box?

Would you like to change your belief about your ability to sing?

And not only would you like to change your belief about it, would you like to sing one song so well that you own it????

(And, just in case you were about to tell me that you’re special, you’re tone deaf, or whatever, its just not true. Yes music teachers put certain children in the gifted classes, but I’m here to tell you that I think that’s a horrible thing to do to children. The only difference between those children is that some had more exposure to music or some just had a better sense of how to practice what they heard better. That is the ONLY difference. Anyone can sing.)

So let me say this again: YES YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I can teach you to sing one karaoke song better than you ever thought possible and that will leave the door open for many others.

Call me, Gerri at 518 469 0390 or email me at gerricoach at gmail dot com

I’ll tell you all about it.

You can decide

If you are willing to put in the work, you can do this.

I can help.

And imagine this future:

You go out with your friends, get up in front of the crowd and sing THAT perfect song, pitch perfect, with feeling. You get noticed. You feel great.


Believe me, you’ll love it!