Can I get real with you???  

I’ve been doing this for a long time and my clients have gotten huge results. (See the list of results at the end of this message). This class is an amazing opportunity.  And you can check out an introductory class for a very reasonable price.  

It’s group coaching and education for a fraction of the price of individual coaching – in fact, in some ways it’s even better than individual coaching because you’ll get a community, which adds a layer of support that’s very powerful.  You’ll learn cutting edge techniques to turn your life around – reinvent yourself, make huge improvements.  You’ll get the foundation you need.  

Life will become magic.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017 is the Introduction class

Here are some of the areas we’ll address in the introduction:

• Everything is energy and how to manipulate energy in your life to create the results you want

• Finding clarity that aligns with you on every level

• How to stop burying the past and start transcending it

• Law of Attraction (the down low and dirty truth)

• Why self esteem is the hottest, sexiest thing to have and how to build it

• Discover your inner artist

• Building the right support team to keep it going

Register for INTRODUCTORY CLASS here FOR $20:


NOTHING will be held back in the introductory class and you can walk away from that class with enough information to transform your life.

So I highly encourage you to come to the introductory class on May 2nd.

BUT, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all these years as a coach, its this: People need a foundation, witnesses, a community, and support to keep it going to transcend the barriers that they are not aware of that will certainly arise as they make big changes.

So there’s a more comprehensive program that immediately follows which will allow us the time, consistency and forum to dive more deeply……..

…………the 8 week program starts May 9th


Both the Introductory Class and Intensive Program will be held at:

Yacon Village Community Center (office building)

24 Aviation Rd, Suite 205, Albany, NY (edit map)

park in back and go upstairs to Suite 205 – call me at 518 469 0390 if you’re lost

This will turn your life around…….. You’ll want to steep yourself in this.  After all, its now or never right?

This is an 8 week program (OK, 9 weeks with the introduction).  You’ll want to attend all 9 (its OK to skip here and there if necessary though).

$140 for the following 8 weeks when paid in advance


Some of the results my clients have enjoyed:

• doubled income

• weight loss

• feel much better on the inside

• new relationships

• saved marriage

• a huge raise

• business went from just an idea to national

•  teenage son came back into life

• life is easier, more successful, happier

• cleared energetic, emotional wounds

• manifested a new car

• expanded business, profit and time off

There is a money back guarantee after the first 2 weeks for this class if for any reason you feel its not for you.

You will want to continue applying this material for the rest of your life……