Rock Solid Confidence is not arrogance or self absorption. Rock Solid Confidence is knowing that you, as an individual, are an essential part of the Universe, while marveling in the beauty of everyone and everything around you. It’s humble and profound.  


The Affair

I’m having a torrid affair!

I’m in love!

And what an amazing human being this person is!

How could I not have recognized how wonderful she is??
She has always been right in front of my nose too!

I’m amazing!

I’m beautiful, full of life, brilliant, fun and funny,
loving, thoughtful, sweet.

I always give myself just the right amount of space.
And looking into my eyes is simply a joy. Oh, and I’m so affectionate!

Wow! I’m so proud to be with me
it just sends shivers up my spine to think about it.

The conversations are great.
The comfortable silence is awesome.
I can sit with myself for hours and never tire of me.

And, wouldn’t you know it………………………

I like the same stuff as I like!

Its such a treat to discover new things to make myself happy.
Its a sensuous experience to open myself to new joys.

I’m always surprising myself with new things: flowers, special treats,
scarves, walks, special caresses.
And I always know what makes me happy.

Its so wonderful to know that I can rekindle this most special of relationships at any time.

I needed me and I must apologize to me for forgetting me
and somehow thinking that my happiness
was dependent on a man! (I fall into that trap on occasion!)


(no offense men, I’m just having a blast discovering me!)

I can only make me happy and love starts with me!

I’ll always be there for me.

I love you me!


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The above message is a tune up – we all need them.  I recommend you check in with yourself on this.  Does self-love feel uncomfortable to you?  Does the thought of flowers for yourself make you cringe?  Does being complete alone feel wrong to you?  Do you feel resentment toward me for saying this?  These are the places you may want to shine your own love light to yourself.

This is the only vibration from which to manifest.

Love you!!




Talk Dirty to Me!!!”


Ever hear of the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee? Its the wildly common mental default process of putting yourself down……….. GR

What are the dirty words you hear in the quiet moments?


Are they………..


 “you’re SOOO naughty!!!”

  (as in doing something fun and stepping outside convention)


or are they………


 “you’re no good”

  (as in you don’t deserve this, you don’t belong, you’re not worthy)????????


This morning I heard the second kind of dirty word. It was a quiet and barely noticeable voice but

…………… said, “You’re a loser”.  


And I feel very fortunate – its taken some practice to get the point where its just a quiet barely noticeable voice.   


Most of us hear these negative mind stories all the time.

“You can’t do this, you’re no good at that, they did awful things to you…….” they hear it over and over……


Many will hear these stories loudly and in crippling ways for the rest of our lives.


It is normal (YIKES)

  ………………but it is also fixable. (So get off that track as quickly as you can!)  



Anyway, it was quite a surprise when I heard it myself as I THOUGHT I was handling my mental chatter pretty well.


Hey! I help others with theirs all the time. But here it was again!


Yet I was reminded of how insidious this itty bitty shitty committee can be.


Here’s what “the committee” does – it wants you to think you are not worthy. (And paradoxically it likes you to think you’re better than others too). It holds on for dear life too – becoming more clever as you let it go.


However, you can quiet it just by noticing.


Use this simple technique I share with clients: Just say, “Thank you for sharing, but

……………..I’m going to pass on that perspective”.


Just notice. It’s no big deal. It happens. Your awareness is all it takes.


No judgment, just notice.   



Here’s something else: You ARE amazing in all your mistakes and foibles, imperfect mind, body, perspective and all of it and that it great!


Open your heart to that one.


Hey, I’m a loser and I’m a winner and I’ll take the winner! Get it???




So when dirty talk comes your way, ask yourself………


Is this fun? Does it feel good?


If not, say


“Thank you for sharing”


and let it go.


Self Esteem and Success????


“Self Esteem” tends be a flowery and  

…………..embarrassing topic


We think its “fine”, but its crucial value gets  

swept under the rug in our society


Yet, you may have heard that most  

communication is non verbal  


……… fact experts say 93% of  

communication IS non verbal!




Haven’t you FELT things about other people??


For example: when someone is needy it  

…………..can be a turn off


How about when someone is really  



It can be a very powerful attractor


There’s energy underneath everything


And when you feel positive, passionate and  

               great about yourself

…………………… people feel that energy and  


         are drawn to it  

……………………..and what you have to offer


Feel good on the inside

…………………….write, speak, and  

                               live from that good feeling


Feel good about yourself and your life 


                        It’s irresistible to people


Make it the fuel for everything you do:   


writing, speaking, communicating with others


As John Lennon said:  


“One thing you can’t hide, is when  

                            you’re crippled inside.”